Established in the United Kingdom in early 2019, our firm began its journey in a quaint garage, fueled by a team of young, international designers with a penchant for stylish and technologically integrated designs, particularly those tailored to tech gadgets like smartphones and smartwatches. Our pursuit of innovation was sparked by a simple, shared concern: a team member's struggle to find an Apple Watch that complemented his elegant suit. This prompted restless nights and a unified aspiration among us to revolutionize the aesthetics of the Apple Watch through diverse cases and straps, enabling anyone to flaunt their unique style at social gatherings while enjoying the functionality of their Apple Watch. To our delight, we discovered a community of individuals resonating with the same desire, propelling our small endeavor forward. We've since expanded our client base and matured as a company. We've strategically relocated our headquarters to Singapore to leverage the favorable economic environment and tax benefits, allowing us to deliver premium products at competitive prices. Join us on our exciting journey; we are just getting started! We aim to continuously redefine style and technology, and we invite you to be a part of this thrilling adventure. Keep following us for more updates and innovative solutions!