SM 5711 iPhone Case


The SM 5711 comprises of two separate parts that envelop the top and bottom of your phone, ensuring maximum protection for your iPhone without compromising its aesthetic appeal or its superb handling and usage experience.

The design of 5711 draws inspiration from luxurious watches with timeless style, bestowing your iPhone with an appearance that is both sophisticated and modern.

Crafted from a single piece of aerospace-grade aluminium, meticulously carved using the most advanced CNC technology, we have a product that boasts a level of finish comparable to Swiss watches worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, offering you the finest experience. Moreover, 5711 has been designed not to interfere with signal reception and it is also equipped with a rubber cushion layer on the inside to prevent your phone from getting scratched.

With the 5711 equipped, your device will become a magnet attracting all gazes, including yours.


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